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LOOSID connects you to your local sober community – meet people from your local area, match with likeminded individuals and start dating other sober people.

We’re continuously growing our amazing community across the US. Don’t worry if you’re not currently in one of our high expansion areas. You can still download LOOSID and get access to sober events, groups, travel and a suite of recovery tools for extra support.

Know any like-minded individuals that would benefit from LOOSID? Help us spread the word and get friends and family to join us on our mission to spread sobriety across the US.

LOOSID is designed for sober people – whether you’re recently sober, have been in recovery for a while or just enjoy living a clean lifestyle, LOOSID can help you to meet people, attend events you love and get involved in groups of likeminded people.

Meet People
Turn on the Dating feature and start meeting new people and connecting with locals instantly!

The app lets you customize your preferences so that you can meet people who share your interests, hobbies and more. From choosing the gender to setting an age range and discovery radius, get connected and start matching and dating on LOOSID!

Scroll through people in your local community – once you both like each other you’ll match, and you can start chatting!

Customize your experience!
LOOSID has some great features that you can tailor to your interests. If you’re interested in dating, we can help you to start meeting sober singles in your area. Or, if you are in recovery – LOOSID offers 24/7 support from others in recovery as well as the option to add your own Lifesavers who can help you on your own, personal recovery journey.

How it works:
• Discover and create Events – The app is a hub for all the latest Events and activities in your area. Whether it’s Cooking or Climbing, Jewelry Making or Judo, Wrestling or Walking, there’s an event for every interest. Meet people and make friends that share similar interests and are on the same journey as you
• Connect with other locals - With an ever-growing community across the US, whether you’re looking for a date or just to find friends, LOOSID is the new sobriety space to meet people
• Join groups of likeminded people - Whatever your interest, there’s a Group for you! Start chatting immediately about your common interests as soon as you join a Group on LOOSID and find friends in your area

Recovery Tools & Support
We can help you meet people, build your support system and then keep in contact so you can walk the path of sobriety.

Invite Lifesavers to the app so they can support you on your recovery journey. Your Lifesavers will be able to check-in on your progress, send encouragement and even help others on their journey as well.

If you’re in need of immediate encouragement, need a little help or simply some guidance, reach out to your LOOSID Lifesavers or go into the LOOSID Hotline for quick recovery advice. Chat and share in a safe space where you won’t feel judged. If you’re up to it, why not lend your hand to others on their recovery journey and share advice and support yourself – help others like yourself to stay sober.

Finally, if you want to reach out to people in the LOOSID community, simply activate the Beacon feature to alert members in your local area to connect and plan meet-ups and spontaneous get-togethers at a moment’s notice!

Discover the latest Events & Groups
From Archery to Japanese Cuisine, from Reading to Fishing, whatever your interest there’s an Event or a Group for you in your local area. Discover or create the latest Event, join a Group and find friends with similar interests on their recovery journey!

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Reviews & Comments

obekpa emmanuel

3 July 2020
Good job - Google Play Store

Mistress jessy

3 July 2020
Super dating app i've ever seen - Google Play Store

Celia Perez

23 June 2020
It gives me comfort to be able to get help on my phone - Google Play Store

Brenton White

22 June 2020
Very fulfilling just being able to communicate with others that struggle like you is a blessing and makes it easier to get thru things one day at a time - Google Play Store

Paul Treacy

20 June 2020
Great site - Google Play Store

Kevin Moore

6 June 2020
Meeting great people on this app - Google Play Store

Barry Cox

1 June 2020
Well needed support - Google Play Store

Dick the Prick

31 May 2020
Nice app - Google Play Store

Justin Warembourg

30 May 2020
I used this app alongside "The Alcohol Experiment" by Annie Grace to abide in Dry January. - Google Play Store

Baltimore Queen

28 May 2020
Thumbs up - Google Play Store

Fredenberger Mark

28 May 2020
Good - Google Play Store

Amanda Voss

17 May 2020
Great - Google Play Store

Derek Kitchen

14 May 2020
I just got on it so I don't know what it's like yet sorry I could give you more information God bless - Google Play Store

Chantelle Tibbs

13 May 2020
A wonderful support network - Google Play Store

Shannon Miller

1 May 2020
Love it - Google Play Store

Cesar Pastora

19 April 2020
Cool support app. - Google Play Store

Polivio Alvarado

16 April 2020
Genial - Google Play Store

Amy Santiago

14 April 2020
Keeps me connected with others in my sober community. - Google Play Store

Maria Bonita

9 April 2020

Joshua Chesser

14 March 2020
Great - Google Play Store

steven schilt

12 February 2020
I love this app. When I am struggling or just down and need to chat, someone is there. The restaurant and event guides are nice. It is also nice to help others when I can. I can't wait to see what they do next to help everyone. - Google Play Store

Dalton Liam2

3 February 2020
Marvellous - Google Play Store

Cynthia Beato

5 November 2019
Amazing - Google Play Store

Amanda Liddell

9 September 2019
I ❤ this app! It's a great concept. It's nice to be in an engaging environment to meet new people, talk about food and drink, and activities without alcohol being a topic. This is a great source for those who want sober fun! - Google Play Store

Gene Kleyman

8 September 2019
An amazing app! The concept is brilliant and has shown a commitment to fixing bugs and creating a great space to finding people just like us. Excited to see what they do with this. - Google Play Store

John Sarpolis

3 August 2019
Great app. Enjoying connecting with other sober people in groups and hotline chats. - Google Play Store

Tonya Renee McEachron

19 July 2019
this ad should be great as. i am once again diving a way back into the real and healthy world. trmc - Google Play Store

Arielle Sheldon

2 June 2019
Great concept and way to communicate with other like minded folks who understand. Still plenty of bugs that need to be fixed but there's so much potential, it's definitely worth being patient. - Google Play Store

Diana Lori

28 April 2019
Good but closes closes when am using the app - Google Play Store

Brenda Ludwig

25 April 2019
Finally a chance to meet good people and to be able to have some wholesome fun! - Google Play Store

LOOSID Dating Reviews & Comparison

brought to you by DatingPerfect


DatingPerfect Ranking

Great for Dating and Making Friends.


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