Mindful Dating: Naked Yoga, Lady Gaga, and My Mom

Kiara Noelle Kerr By Kiara Noelle Kerr  – May 17, 2016
Mindful Dating: Naked Yoga, Lady Gaga, and My Mom

Mindful Dating?

Welcome to mindful dating. In my opinion, it all starts with naked yoga. So, I was doing naked yoga this morning and listening to Lady Gaga (shut up, she’s an artist). It’s part of my morning mindfulness routine and I do it pretty much every morning. It’s time for me. I’m getting centered, getting grounded (read: taking dedicated time each day to ignore politics). And usually it sets me up for a pretty okay day.

Since I’ve started doing work in the dating world, my mother has been suggesting I get back in the game. She even emails me profiles of dudes from JDate who she thinks I might have pretty babies with (thanks, mom). And she’s smart enough not to bug me about it too, too often. Just enough so that her voice lives in my brain and comes out to terrorize me at unexpected times, like maybe during naked Gaga morning yoga.

This morning she got me. During me-time. “Sweetie,” she said, in her most earnest mom voice, “you need to get your priorities straight. How are you going to meet a good Jewish man if you’re not even trying?” To which I usually reply, with invisible sarcasm, “you might be right, mom.” (Thanks meditation and naked yoga for affording me a momentary pause and some non-reactivity!) But this morning, I actually listened. And her question left me wondering. How many other spiritual weirdos are out there? Like, how many of you might also be doing naked yoga right now? And talking to your houseplants when you water them in the morning? And writing emails during morning toilet time? Well, maybe forget the last thing. Maybe there’s something to this whole mindful dating proposition.

Spiritual Dating Sites

But seriously, like somewhere in all the many dating sites is another spiritual weirdo. Maybe he also wants to tie me to my bed using the restraints I just bought on Amazon? I mean, that would be a bonus, but whatever. And today I decided I want to meet him. But now the tricky part, where do I even start trying to find this very particular California-flavored BDSM buddha? That’s where the mindful dating sites come in. The one that most appealed to me is called SpiritualSingles, and promises me “deep, authentic connections,” (hopefully with hotties). I’ll keep you posted. 


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Kiara Noelle Kerr
Kiara Noelle Kerr
The DatingPerfect team is glad to feature the racy and sometimes inappropriate perspectives Kiara brings to the table. She loves getting to write highly opinionated op-eds about why online dating sucks, how DatingPerfect is trying to make it suck less, and also enjoys penning articles with sensible answers to the most asked questions in online dating. With a whole lot of online dating experience under her belt and plenty of opinions to share, Kiara’s always got something to say. More than anything, she understands the plight of the modern dater and wants to help. Are you feeling baffled, frustrated, and overwhelmed by online dating? Let Kiara know and she’ll be more than happy to commiserate and add her two cents. Thanks for reading!