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DruzeLink Reviews April 2024

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DruzeLink is the world’s first Druze dating app for meeting single Druze. Our religion is built on culture, tradition, and trust. DruzLink is here to strengthen that. Think of us as your parent’s constant encouragement to meet a Druze partner come to life. All you need to do is—Swipe. Match. Talk. Making your parents happy has never been easier. DruzeLink is fun and easy to use:-Sign in using your Facebook account.-Upload a few pictures, write a shot bio.-Swipe left (dislike) or right (like) for Druze people near you.-If they like you back, you’ll be able to instantly message each other.Nobody near you? No problem. We’ve built in a search function that will allow you to meet other Druze users anywhere in the world.So, what are you waiting for? Download the app, tell a friend, and join the world’s first Druze dating app.—Stay connected and involved within the DruzeLink community. Follow us on Instagram (@DruzeLink), Facebook.com/druzelink, and Twitter (@DruzeLink).**Hookah not included.

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Reviews & Comments

Saqar Saab

15 May 2020
As a donor and a supporter of this app. The search bar needs work on, it would be better if it populates similar searches based on letters. – Google Play Store


13 April 2024

Yecenia Attenbrough

16 January 2024
This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in upmobi.xyz – Apple App Store

ehsan ezeh

11 October 2019
Great idea , we should support this app more – Google Play Store

firas shmeit

29 April 2019
Good idea to unite such a blessed group worldwide, but needs more marketing

Fadi Grey

25 December 2018
its a beautiful app but after last uodate it wont start – Google Play Store

Eyad jaber

8 June 2018
An awesome app to Link us together, appreciate the developers work on it , it came a long way from when it started and it keeps on improving , much Better than it’s current competitors, and the hard work that has been put into it is definitely showing. – Google Play Store

A Google User

12 February 2018
Perfect for the modern day Druze! – Google Play Store

Sonakhi Emly

5 January 2018
Wow! It’s amazing. I like Druze datting app so much. Now I can join with my friends easily. Thanks to developers. – Google Play Store

Nahin The Allrounder

5 January 2018
I love this app.Its Cool – Google Play Store

Tuhin Hossain

5 January 2018
Pretty better app for the entertainment searching person. it is very simple to use and useful for us. i use it and hopefully you can entertainment bu using this apps. it also easy to use. – Google Play Store

John Sanjuan

5 January 2018
Wow excellent dating app! When I installed this app really I am impressed. Most of the time I use it. Thanks developer. – Google Play Store

Mr Right

5 January 2018
It’s work well, meet lots of girls in the area and quick and easy to use. Glad a friend recommended this app. – Google Play Store

Ricardo Parker

5 January 2018
pretty good app. simple as useful. hope things only great better not worst. the concept is there but the app still needs a lot of work – Google Play Store

Daniel Eric

5 January 2018
Pretty good app. Simple and useful. Hope things only get better not worst. Easy to use this app. – Google Play Store

Mazen Dleikan

30 March 2024
It is a good step to communicate, I hope you improve it more… concerning app. speed, inactive users and advertising. go ahead.. – Google Play Store

Nassim Aboufaraj

5 July 2019
I’m giving it a 4 to support this great idea, i love the concept of the app even though i didn’t get to use it. Downloaded it almost 6 hours ago and yet to get an approval to enter. I’m deleting it beofre i use it. Not sure why do you need all this time to verify and how is it gonna work? have few questions to check if a person is actually Druze then let them in after agreeing tp your app rules. – Google Play Store

robert davis-Vasquez

6 June 2019
turrets it’s good.. – Google Play Store

Nour Banna

10 February 2019
it is an awesome app, but I do not understand why they have to close my profile down to review it everytime I edit my profile! It gets annoying. – Google Play Store

Khaled Ammar

31 May 2018
A nice app aimed at bringing the Druze closer..however still some improvements to be made. But overall a useful app. – Google Play Store

A Google User

16 March 2018
MAR 16, 2018 – Experienced major glitch that nearly rendered app useless & couldn’t log on website. However, App Creator came through & rectified matter that app works again & I can log back on website. Glitch still persists, but App Creator says it’s being worked on. 4-Stars from 3-Stars. FEB 22, 2018 – App Creator replied to my Support email. Said received multiple emails similar to my own & are working on fixing problem. I’ll take them at their word. 3-Stars from 1-Star (for now) at least for responding back to my concern & that’s appreciated! FEB 21, 2018 – App back up again but error pages come up after clicking on profiles. On top of that, now have to pay for certain features, which is pretty poor given app still not working properly. Also, no response back from App Creator or Team after sending 2 Support emails. What’s the point of having “Contact Us” if you’re not going to respond back, even to say that you’re working on fixing problems? FEB 20, 2018 – Just after midnight MST, app stopped working. Opens up to initial page with red “apple” over black/white background, then goes blank white. Thought I was alone here, too! Website, on other hand, seems up & running. Well, almost that is. JAN 26, 2018 – Suspicious of some profiles. Seem fake & quite possibly created by App Creator and/or Team pulled from other Social Media sites to build momentum. Especially when there’s no info under profile’s “About Me.” Even wonder about profiles w/o pics of actual person themselves. Not to mention good chunk of reviews are written by non-Druze. Really? 7 5-star reviews dropped on same day (2018-01-05) w/ over 1/2 by non-Druze. Leads me to believe these were possibly done by App Creator’s Team or friends. Or even quite possibly people who are “professional reviewers” who get paid small fees for posting “fake reviews” that are possibly authorized by App Creator. Such as Ricardo Parker & Daniel Eric (most likely non-Druze), whose reviews are pretty much identical. Again, really? Also, if this app is solely for only bringing Druze together, why are there non-Druze using it? App Creator needs better vetting process if this is case. If App Creator wants to be honest w/ their potential users, why not start by being honest w/ themselves first. Only then will app succeed. – Google Play Store

Abeer H.

21 October 2020
How can i disable discovery instead of deleting? – Google Play Store

Gizelle Hm

17 September 2020
It’s a great tool in serving its purpose and I think the only druze app out there. So thank you for that. I gave 3 stars only because the app has been down for the last 4 days without any kind of notice that they would be performing maintenance. Also, it’s standard protocol when doing upgrades to keep the old working version in production while the new version is being developed in a test environment so as to not cause interference for the users.Notifications of upcoming upgrades would be useful – Google Play Store

Hani Bu Reslan

3 July 2019
Needs updating – Google Play Store

wael breiche

7 February 2019
So every time i edit or add a fact about myself, you’re gonna lock my account and send the “details” for approval? – Google Play Store

A Google User

30 May 2018
it’s a nice idea that connects Druze together.still needs more options.we thank you for thinking to connect Druze from all over the world – Google Play Store

Hani Ghannam

20 February 2018
Crashing recently once opened, need to be updated asap. Bug fixes and adding notifications is the minimum you can do to improve the app. – Google Play Store

Rawad Hamd

16 September 2020
it’s been 3 days now that the application not working – Google Play Store

Samantha Hamadeh

15 September 2020
I like the whole idea or concept of the app I just wish it worked well enough for me to enjoy it. It’s slow and lacking in a lot of areas and needs a lot of work, but there’s definitely potential and room for improvement, it could most definitely be enhanced more. – Google Play Store

Jana Nasrallah

31 December 2017
The concept is there but the app still needs a lot of work. It doesn’t provide notifications and it continuously logs you out and crashes. I’ve had to uninstall the app several times in order to log back into my account. – Google Play Store

DruzeLink Reviews April 2024

brought to you by DatingPerfect


DatingPerfect Ranking

Great for Casual and Serious Dating.