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Sapio Reviews May 2024

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Sapio Review Introduction:

What is Sapio? It’s one of the best dating sites to help you connect with people for casual and more serious dating. This site helps online daters who are looking to connect, chat, and meet up. You’ll be happy to hear the site offers most of the elements you’d expect from a dating site, but it also has a few unique features. Are you considering joining the Sapio website? We hope to help you make the best decision for your dating life. In this article, we’ll let you know about the site’s users, sign up process, safety, costs, and more. Keep reading to discover our full Sapio reviews below. If you do join, please come back and write a review to tell us what you think.

Sapio Users:

So, what does the Sapio membership look like? In this section, we’ll tell you about who tends to join this dating site. Plus, we’ll give you an idea of who you’re likely to meet if you should choose to join. Because so many of the site’s members are looking for the real deal when it comes to dating and marriage, you can expect to meet Sapio members who are searching for something more serious. Not seeking a long term relationship or serious commitment? It’s better for you to find this out now: Sapio dating probably isn’t the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you are seeking love and maybe even marriage, this site has a lot of good stuff to offer.

Sapio Chat:

So you registered as a member and now you’re ready for some fun. Connecting and chatting with your new matches can be really exciting. Pretty much every dating site these days has the basic chat option available. In other words, you can send text messages to people you want to get to know using the site’s platform. See someone cute? Use chat features to send out some flirty Sapio messages.

But it is the 21st century, you guys. That’s why many dating sites are introducing more advanced connection features, like voice and video chat. These can help you get to know potential matches a little better. Interested in connecting with other members on the site and getting to know them? Good news, it’s really simple. Just use the Sapio search feature to see who’s online. Then, when you find someone appealing, just send them a quick message and get a conversation started.

Sapio Profiles:

Visit the Sapio log in page to get started. Like we mentioned, most people who join this site are looking for long term commitment and marriage. This means that the site is going to ask you for quite a bit of personal info. While it can feel like a lengthy process to some, we encourage you to stick it out. Why? Because the more effort and energy you put into your Sapio profile, the greater success the site will have in matching you with its most compatible members.

A big part of filling out your profile will be completing the Sapio questions. The purpose of these questions is usually to give the site’s algorithm a chance to get to know you a little better so it can suggest viable matches. Want to get more clicks, messages, and likes? Then please take the time to fill out as much information as you can. It will show the site’s other members that you’re serious about meeting someone and willing to put in the effort. Just put yourself in their shoes for a sec. If you search Sapio for a match and all they have on their profile is the most basic data, you’re probably not going to stick around. So give yourself the best chance of success with a great dating site profile. We promise it will pay off.

Sapio App:

According to our research, this dating site has an app available for iPhone and Android. The Sapio mobile app is a pretty good experience. While it’s more convenient to stay signed in using your app, some people might not want to download it. If this sounds like you, we want to let you know that you can get basically all the same features using the mobile site instead of the app. If you open the site in your mobile browser, you’ll be able to access the Sapio desktop features using your phone. Whether you decide to download the app or not, the good news is that you’ve got a lot of options for how to interact with the site.



Special Features:


Okay, so here’s the question everyone wants answered first: Is Sapio safe? We always encourage you to make that decision for yourself when you’re thinking about joining a dating site. Do a little research and look into the site’s safety features. For specific Sapio safety tips, you can always refer to the site’s own safety page. If the dating site you want to join doesn’t have a safety page, use your best judgement before signing up.

Have you encountered predatory behavior on the site? We always encourage you to contact Sapio help to report suspicious activity. Trust your instincts if you feel unsafe or uncertain on any site. And never give your personal information to other members. You can help protect yourself and other members by bringing anyone suspicious to the attention of the site’s moderators. They can also help if you’re having trouble with your account or want to cancel Sapio for any reason.

Value for Money:

Okay, the next thing everyone wants to know: Is Sapio free? It’s very common for dating sites like this one to advertise as free to join or to offer a free trial period. And yes, It’s technically free to join. But most users with a free membership have a hard time getting the most out of the site. If you’re using Sapio free, you might find that you have restricted access or limited options when it comes to some of the site’s most important features, like messaging.

Even the sites that are truly free to use can be noisy and full of distracting ads. For some people, this can be a big pain. If you have a hard time with busy ads, it might even be worth it to use the paid version of the site. This is where value takes on a personal significance for each of us. That’s right, we’re about to get all philosophical on you. When it comes to online dating, the idea of value is a moving target. This means that your idea of value might be really different from another person’s. Are you looking at value as the cost per date or the number of dates you actually go on? Or maybe you’re interested in marriage and value has to do with meeting that right person.

Before joining a site like Sapio, you might want to spend a little time defining the value you hope to get out of the site. Envisioning who you want to meet on a dating site and what kind of connection you’d like to create with them is an important first step. Once you have a clear sense of this, you’re much more likely to find experiences that line up with your individual definition of dating success.

Sapio Costs:

Review Conclusion:

At DatingPerfect we always want you to succeed. That’s why we offer you all the info we can on the dating sites you want to learn about. Plus, we want to hook you up with Sapio coupons whenever we can. Scroll down to learn more.

You’re here because you wanted to read our Sapio reviews. If you’ve been thinking about joining but you still aren’t sure, we hope we could help. This site has a lot to offer people interested in longterm dating and marriage. DatingPerfect wants to help you get the most out of online dating and it all starts with finding the best dating site for you. That’s why we write these reviews. We want to provide you with as much useful information as possible about the sites you’re thinking about joining. But we can also help by offering you Sapio promo codes, so check back often to see what we’ve got. Ready to start meeting people who want the same things you do? Visit the Sapio full site to get started now.

A Deeper Dive into Sapio:

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Sapio Says…

Sick of superficial hookup apps? The time has come for something better. Sapio is an evolution in dating apps, where physical and intellectual attraction are put on an equal level.

Sapio gives you the tools you need to find someone that stimulates your mind and makes your heart skip a beat. Romance is more than just physical attraction. True matches are also an attraction to how someone thinks, how they behave, and who they are at deeper levels.

Find someone worth your time faster, with Sapio.

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Reviews & Comments


3 July 2020
This application has barely anyone in it, yet we were both at the right time, and the right place 4 years ago when we met one another here. We are the happiest couple, and there is no question we are soulmates. If you are looking at this app, it probably means you are serious about someone. It can happen anywhere, just don’t give up, the right person for you is out there. – Apple App Store

otávio Gonçalves dos Santos

26 May 2019
This is the most amazing dating app I’ve ever seen. – Google Play Store

Christian Echevarria

28 August 2018
I’ve used other apps like OKCupid, but this app does the best job of creating high quality matches. The UI could use some work and they need to work on building their user base but it’s a good app nonetheless. – Google Play Store

Pradeep Sutar

18 September 2017
Nice app, need more popularity of this app – Google Play Store


3 September 2017
This is a very nice app with a huge number of users. I have tried a lot of such apps thats why I can say that it works very well. – Apple App Store


3 September 2017
I just love such types of apps. You meet new people and have fun. I have tried a lot of such apps and can say that this one works very well. – Apple App Store


3 September 2017
Used this app and already found myself a date! We’ve been talking for a while now and wow it’s amazing. All these people saying it’s a tinder rip off are wrong! – Apple App Store


3 September 2017
Very easy and intuitive to use. Plus on average the woman seem to be much better looking than in other dating apps such as Match. – Apple App Store


3 September 2017
This concept is amazing and I’m so looking forward to it. I’m really happy to be a part of this community. Honestly it’s the prefect way to meet a potential adult single friends. – Apple App Store


3 September 2017
This app helps a lot for single men / woman, who needs a partner. The app design is also amazing, it’s easy to use. I hope I’ll find my Soulmate with this app! – Apple App Store


3 September 2017
I am not a fan of online dating, but this one is so beautiful, couldn’t help but try it. It comes at a price, so it’s not completely free. Some people are real, and other are not. Altogether, better than the average. – Apple App Store


3 September 2017
I am not a fan of online dating, but this one is so beautiful, couldn’t help but try it. It comes at a price, so it’s not completely free. Some people are real, and other are not. Altogether, better than the average. – Apple App Store


3 September 2017
My friends made me get this app while we were bored one day. At first I just thought it was a joke but then I realized I matched with some pretty cool guys! I made tons of friends and I’m sure we will have so much fun together! – Apple App Store


3 September 2017
This is honestly the best app ive found for meeting people. I met my current boyfriend on here and we have been dating now for almost a year and are planning on staying together for a long time to come – Apple App Store

Nick Levi Kelly

27 June 2017
I’m one of those weird people that actually likes to get to know a person’s brain before I start a relationship with or have sex with them. Tinder and Bumble can work for finding thoughtful people, but it takes a really ridiculous amount of time filtering through inactive users and people searching for confidence boosts before you meet a person that you actually share any commonalities with. Sapio puts people’s thoughts and values front and center. They just need a bigger user base and it would be the dating app I’ve been dreaming of. – Apple App Store

Kristin t444

25 June 2017
Big update with a lot of positive changes. Things are much more intuitive and the overall experience is just plain better. Enjoying this way more than OkC and Tinder. – Apple App Store

Iten Kumar

18 April 2017
It’s awesome app. – Google Play Store

A Google User

17 April 2017
New kind of dating/getting to know each other app. I love the idea! What it still lacks is a substantial user base and filters on matching (you can only filter what you see, but not who can see you). – Google Play Store


7 April 2017
You can really get to know someone with this dating app. I’ve had no tech problems at all – no crashing, registration issues etc. I’m on an iPhone 6s and iPad Air2. Good reporting method for those ubiquitous romance scammers. Highly recommend! – Apple App Store

Miro Moman

4 April 2017
OKC 3.0 but few people around here. – Google Play Store

Ajay Joseph George

2 April 2017
I absolutely love this app. Although it doesn’t got me anyone, I absolutely loved the concept of the app. No cash bullshit or anything. Just based on questions and answers. I have a suggesion though. I have answered probably alla the questions and I have only a few more to answer. If more questions is available daily, it would be more fun. I hope the programmers fix this. This is a best app and i definetly recommend using it. Just give it a try. DO IT !!!!JUST DO IT.!!! – Google Play Store

Shubham Mishra

1 April 2017
I like this app. It is deep. Deserves 5 stars. – Google Play Store


28 March 2017
As someone who’s tried almost every dating site out there, finding Sapio was such a relief. It really seems like it allows for actual connections. – Apple App Store

pessey Iris

27 March 2017
Great app – Google Play Store


14 March 2017
I love this. Unlike tinder, you get to know someone on a deeper level – Apple App Store

Kristin t444

27 February 2017
Last version seemed to have a number of crashes. These now seem to be fixed, and everything is working as it should. Very responsive team, seems like they are making a lot of progress. – Apple App Store


25 February 2017
It’s not just swipe right because the looks but it’s what they think and like that we can read the answers like reading through their minds. Not all is good but a lot of people I’m chatting with are great. Some have the same hobbies, like the same games or movies, it’s a really good experience.Ps. The staff are also friendly, they want to solve your problems just tell them. Thanks again 🙂 – Apple App Store


15 February 2017
I’m so tired of “hey…” “What’s up?” intros that lead to no where. I love the Sapio ppl that take the time to read my Q&A, and send me an engaging chat. I also really enjoy the questions section of the app, and have found a lot of cool guys through Sapio’s question categories. – Apple App Store


14 February 2017
I was really excited about this app when I downloaded it. Asked a couple questions and received feedback quickly from their team! Love the app and all the questions you can answer! – Apple App Store


1 February 2017
The best part about this app is that you can skip the small talk and dive right in. You can see their answers to questions and ask them about them without having to work to get there. I think Sapio will probably my dating app of choice in the new year….. it’s nice to talk to people about things that matter instead of the same “how was your day” or “nice pic” comments. The update doesn’t leave me wanting for anything tbh – Apple App Store

Sapio Reviews May 2024

brought to you by DatingPerfect


DatingPerfect Ranking

Great for Casual and Serious Dating.