Finalist for Most Innovative Tech Company in Dating

Samantha Elise Oscar By Samantha Elise Oscar  - February 2, 2018
Finalist for Most Innovative Tech Company in Dating

6 Features That Earned DatingPerfect the Nomination for Most Innovative Technology Company in Online Dating 

If you’ve tried online dating, we don’t have to tell you that the experience is overwhelming, frustrating, depressing, and confusing. We certainly don’t want to beat that horse anymore. At DatingPerfect, we think that before you can find the right person, you have to find the right dating site. And we’re solving that problem with some of the most innovative technology around.

With more than 4,000 dating sites in the U.S. alone, you might feel paralyzed before you even start the search. That’s not even considering the fact that nearly 40% are suspected scams or marketing funnels. Online dating doesn’t have to be like this.

That’s where we come in. As the consumer, we put you first. But the reviews and articles you’re seeing on our homepage don’t even scratch the surface of what we have to offer. DatingPerfect is a tech company at our core. We are proud to be a finalist for “Most Innovative in Dating” at the iDate 2018 awards – the dating industry’s most prominent official organization.

We want you to be just as excited about DatingPerfect’s innovative technology and what it means for consumers and the dating industry. Are you an online dater who’s not sure where to turn for to find the best dating experience? Or an industry provider looking for a standout startup that will push things forward? DatingPerfect is here to disrupt the dating industry as you know it.  Here’s why we stand out as one of the most innovative technology companies in the dating space:

1. Dynamic Filtering

Select from options in the sidebar to filter results

Type directly into the search bar to find specific sites & phrases

At DatingPerfect, you can use our tools to search for the best dating site based on what matters to you. This means you can filter the 4,000 options using our 78 niches. Try filters like sexual orientation and racial orientation, religious focus, lifestyle and MANY more. A simple user interface makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for (we’re not here to judge!). Also, because we’re a free consumer service, we’ll also let you know which dating sites are the most trusted by listing them first. Are you a senior looking for a soulmate? Or a beard-loving cowboy looking for a casual hookup? No matter what you’re into, there’s a dating site for you.

2. The Comparison Tool

Select "compare" on up to 4 sites that interest you.

Then select “compare tool” to see them side by side.

Stuck between two sites? Or four? Many sites may seem to have subtle differences, but our comparison tool allows you to view up to four selected dating sites side-by-side so you can compare based on connection type, human elements, platforms, rates and more, all with an easy-to-read chart produced in real time. Want to see more? Check it out for yourself. Just filter based on the niches you like, select a few sites then click Compare Tool.

3. Consumer Reviews and Expert Reviews

You comparison shop everything else in your life, why not your dating provider? Visit our consumer reviews section to read over 100,000 dating site and app reviews posted by other consumers. If you want to share your own experience, you can post a review for others to read. We’ve also asked our in-house dating expert to review the best dating sites for all different niches. Each detailed, expert review is designed to help inform you as the consumer about unique site features. We’ll tell you all about the provider’s pros and cons, and whether it might be the right dating site for you. Our expert reviews for top dating sites can be can be found here or check out any of the niche reviews at the top of this page.

4. Protecting Consumers from Risk

We rank all dating sites using our relevance score. This score is designed to help you as a consumer to find the best and safest dating experience. Risk is identified using a 26-metric algorithm which generates a relevance scores for each community. Our aim is to provide consumers clarity and validity to reputable services. We want you to be confident when choosing which dating site to sign up for. We work hard to put the consumer first! We’re here to help you find the best dating communities while working to protect your personal and material safety.

5. Comprehensive Online Dating Resources

DatingPerfect wants to be your one-stop resource for all things dating. That’s why we have so many free resources for daters. Need help or suggestions in a confusing online dating situation? Check out our robust content section. We have articles ranging in topic from Tips for Dating After a Breakup to The 4 Most Popular Dating Sites for Seniors, to What Hookup Means to a Guy. These articles include how-to’s, do’s and dont’s, and much more. We also know that part of dating better is dating cheaper. DatingPerfect features over 5,000 special offers rotating for dating providers meant to help consumers get the absolute most out of their online dating experience.


Providing industry level reporting and analytics

Finally, what makes DatingPerfect truly unique is its sub-brand, DateData. This is where the API lives. It’s the heart of our innovative technology. DateData looks at millions of dating data points to make sense of the messy, confusing, and overcrowded dating space. Our algorithms have algorithms, our crawlers have crawlers, and our AI is frankly smarter than we are. It all works together to deliver consumers real-time dating data. And it’s the only comprehensive list of dating providers currently available. DateData not only makes DatingPerfect’s end-to-end offering robust, dynamic, and real-time. It also provides industry-level reporting and analytics about niches, trends, and the portfolios of dating conglomerates.

At the core, we are an innovative technology company with a huge heart. That said an iceberg metaphor may be a poor fit here. But the part you can see is just the tip of the iceberg. Our friendly interface is supported by a massive database, world-class automation, comprehensive admin backend for a global workforce.



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