4 Lesbian Date Ideas

Kiara Noelle Kerr By Kiara Noelle Kerr  - November 8, 2016
4 Lesbian Date Ideas

Looking for the best in lesbian dating? We’d always recommend Elite Singles and Match.com. Want to get to know your date doing something more revealing than drinking? I mean, that can be revealing in its own way after a few too many… But maybe you’re looking for some lesbian date ideas that are a little more wholesome and will help you get to know her in a more meaningful way. Read on to find ways to connect with your date for longer than just an evening:

Volunteer Together

Doing good can bring people together in a powerful way. Did you know that human beings experience far more reward neurologically when we do something generous, like giving to another person? Find something you both feel passionate about so that you can feel good about showing up even before you do. If you love dogs, you might work together at an animal shelter or maybe you like to cook and decide to help out at a soup kitchen. Whatever you decide to do, volunteer work can be an amazing container to help you feel good about yourself while you learn more about each other. There’s really something about helping other people that can bring two souls together. Try it out and see what happens.

Surprise Road Trip

A surprise road trip can be something that sweeps her off her feet if it’s well-executed. We don’t recommend kidna[ping your date and going on a five-state drive. What we’re talking about is more of a daylong trip, on a weekend day when she can clear her schedule. Let her know what she’ll need to bring if anything, and tell her you’re taking her on a surprise adventure, but that she’ll be back in time for whatever she’s got planned the next day. Take her to a place that’s special to you and that you feel good about showing to her. These are the types of dates that people tend to remember in the long run. So give yourself and your lady something really special to remember years down the road. (The road, get it?)

Open Mic Night

Okay, hear us out. If you’re not a musician or performer, the idea of open mic night might strike fear into your very soul. But we think this can be a great way to be spontaneous and can help you show your date that you know how to have fun and that you don’t take yourself so seriously. If you have a legitimate song-singing or poetry-writing talent, more power to you. But either way, open mic nights are fun and can bring you together in a silly or serious way. Sing a song, tell some jokes, or show off a weird talent you don’t often showcase (traditional Swiss yodeling, anyone?). It’s a really good way to let loose and make some memories.


Yes, we’re going vintage. If you have a local bowling alley, see if they do theme nights or game specials. It can a really fun and low-pressure environment to get to know your date. Maybe you’ll get to go in 70s themed-gear and bowl amidst disco lights. You’ll be able to share some casual conversation, interact with your bowling neighbors, and, who knows, maybe share a kiss under the disco lights. Had enough bowling? Go eat some pizza and have some beer and see how the evening unfolds.

Now that you’ve read our lesbian date ideas, you’re probably ready for some lesbian date. Click to see our top lesbian dating sites now.


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Kiara Noelle Kerr
Kiara Noelle Kerr
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