Christian Dating Advice: Date Using Spiritual Principles

Samantha Elise Oscar By Samantha Elise Oscar  – December 30, 2016
Christian Dating Advice: Date Using Spiritual Principles

Christian Dating Advice

Christian dating can be difficult with the expectations in the modern world. But we think it can also be totally fulfilling, rewarding, and fun. You just have to connect with someone who shares the same values you do. If you’re searching for a Christian partner, we have a few tips that can help you find the perfect person for you. Keep reading to discover our Christian dating advice, so you can date using spiritual principles.

1. Faith

Here’s our first piece of Christian dating advice: start with faith. When you’re dating someone, it’s important to know where they stand in terms of faith. Are they actively seeking? Or has faith taken a backseat to other priorities? When you meet a devout Christian, their love for the Lord will be evident in their actions and the way they choose to live their life. Of course, we all have bad days, but a commitment to faith means that we keep getting up and trying again, especially after we fall down.

2. Selflessness

Human beings can be selfish by nature and may tend to focus only on what benefits them. But those of us who have a spiritual grounding know that we are the happiest when we act selflessly and give to others. If you’re dating a Christian, they will be more apt to understand this way of life and accept it. This is a beautiful basis for a romantic relationship because you are able to put the needs of your partner first and demonstrate your generosity through loving actions.

3. Integrity

There’s really nothing more attractive than integrity. When someone knows who they are and lets that light shine through them to the rest of the world, it’s impossible to miss. A person of integrity will value your beliefs and will value you as an individual. They will hold true to their word and try to do good in the world.

4. Boundaries

Christian dating, or any kind of dating, should include healthy boundaries. Someone who loves you and truly values you will respect your boundaries. This type of person will be patient and loving when you set a firm boundary. They won’t push you to do anything that doesn’t feel right because they truly want what’s best for you. It’s important to establish healthy boundaries early on in the relationships so that you can both feel secure.

5. Respect

Respect is one of the most valuable relationship assets. With respect comes trust and balance. When the person you’re dating respects you, they accept you for who you are.  They understand and listen to your concerns, ideas, and opinions. When you are respected and you give respect back, your relationship grows in a healthy way. Studying your partner and watching how they treat others can tell you a lot about how they will treat you.

5. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the core spiritual principles that helps to free our souls. A person who can humble themselves and show forgiveness probably has a strong grounding in faith. Holding grudges and making people pay for their mistakes isn’t something that makes anyone feel better. A forgiving person knows that we are all just human beings and that sometimes we make mistakes.

It’s important to understand that nobody is perfect and nobody ever will be. There will always be difficulties in a relationship. But if you can base your relationship on this kind of a spiritual foundation, the way you and your partner move through these difficulties will only serve to bring you closer together. Now that you’ve read our Christian Dating Advice, come see our top Christian Dating Sites!


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