Weird Online Dating Sites: The Worst Site Names (NSFW)

Kiara Noelle Kerr By Kiara Noelle Kerr  – November 1, 2016
Weird Online Dating Sites: The Worst Site Names (NSFW)

Warning: The following content is graphic and will probably be offensive to one or more of your sensibilities. Discover Weird Dating Sites at your own risk!

Weird Online Dating Sites: The Top Ten

Ever meet a date in person only to discover that #hellaswoll really translates to #toomanysuperburritos? At this point, it’s safe to say that we all know how ridiculous online dating can be. We get to see the ridiculousness of the online dating world from a unique vantage point at DatingPerfect, and it would be selfish to keep all that information to ourselves. So, we want to let you know about the weird dating sites we’ve discovered.

Of course, we can help you find the best dating sites, but did you know that DatingPerfect can also help you find the weird dating sites? Human sexuality is a broad and fascinating topic: from MILFs to grannies and vampire lovers to armpit lovers, we promise this list won’t disappoint. Here’s another reminder that some sites are NSFW because… um, how could they not be?

10. ABDLmatch

ABDL MatchIf you’ve never heard this acronym, you’ll be excited to learn that the ABDL in stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lovers. *allows last sentence a moment to sink in*  I mean no disrespect if this is how you get down, but surely a diaper lover with a sense of humor would agree there’s potential for a good laugh here.

9. Vampire Dating Service


Yes, that’s right. Now there’s dating for vampires with Because, well, why not? Don’t get me wrong, I like a sexy vampire as much as the next person. Unfortunately, the similarities to Alexander Skarsgård seem to end at milky contact lenses.

8. Anal Slappers

Anal Slappers

You have to admit that has a definite ring to it. Almost like it could be a punk band? Like, “I’m gonna go check out The Anal Slappers tonight down at the old Musty Trunk Saloon.” Now that’s an event where I’d show up early just to see the opening acts.

7. GetDivorcedDaring

Get Divorced Dating

You can see what they were trying to do if you look at the other dating sites this company owns:,… But they may have missed the mark on, a site for divorced singles to get met and connected, not to “get divorced.”

6. Foot Worship

Foot WorshipThe best part about is that they hit you right away with the bad puns: “Take a STEP in the right direction! Find a SOLE mate near you!” FYI- the capitalizations were their idea. Oh good, dad jokes meet foot fetish, just what we always wanted…

5. Armpit Lovers

Armpit LoversYou are preaching to the choir,! If loving armpits is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

4. Pussy Saga

Pussy SagaIt’s like a graphic novel in many parts: Upon visiting the site, we realized we were disturbing a young elven fairy in her boudoir attending to some…personal matters.  Sorry for the disturbance, ma’am, but it looks like you might need help wielding that… device?



You Jizz yes sirThe logo has been a topic of heated debate in our homes and around our dinner tables (thanks, we don’t remember asking for your feedback on our parenting style). After much back and forth, we have arrived at the tenuous agreement that testicles look more dignified with monocles.

2. PinkWink

pinkwink10/10 on rhyme factor to, a lesbian dating site. The imagery is… compelling.  Like, what else is there to even say?

1. EasyGranny

GrannyOkay, so we’re not sure what makes the name so appealing and hilarious, but it’s our favorite. Like, maybe granny knows time is of the essence so she’s lowered her standards and is just trying to up her lifetime bedpost tally before it’s too late? Whatever the reason, we are equally disturbed and amused. Maybe take it a little Easy, Granny?


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Kiara Noelle Kerr
Kiara Noelle Kerr
The DatingPerfect team is glad to feature the racy and sometimes inappropriate perspectives Kiara brings to the table. She loves getting to write highly opinionated op-eds about why online dating sucks, how DatingPerfect is trying to make it suck less, and also enjoys penning articles with sensible answers to the most asked questions in online dating. With a whole lot of online dating experience under her belt and plenty of opinions to share, Kiara’s always got something to say. More than anything, she understands the plight of the modern dater and wants to help. Are you feeling baffled, frustrated, and overwhelmed by online dating? Let Kiara know and she’ll be more than happy to commiserate and add her two cents. Thanks for reading!