Does She Like Me: How to Tell with an Asian Girl
If you’re looking for Asian women, definitely check out When trying to get a girl to like you can be a tricky thing. With Asian girls, it may be even harder. Wondering, does she like me? You’ll have to know how to navigate social cues and potential cultural barriers and you’ll have to know where to meet the right person. We have some helpful suggestions for how to tell if an Asian girl likes you. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Body Language

For all people, body language can be an important indicator of mood, attitude, and openness. Cold body language like crossed arms and knees pointing away from you can be a sign that this girl just isn’t that into you. However, if she’s smiling, playing with her hair, and gesturing in your direction, you might have a chance.

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is key when you’re trying to create rapport with someone new. In many cases, women will not make eye contact with you if they aren’t interested. You can tell a lot about a woman from her eyes. If her pupils are dilated, she’s probably pretty interested in what’s going on. If you notice that she’s always looking away, she might not be into you.


These days, it can be very easy for mobile devices to get in the way of human contact and interaction. When we feel awkward in a situation or are simply bored with what’s going on, we simply pull out our phone. So, if this woman’s phone is staying in her pocket, she’s likely interested in what you have to offer. If you’re able to make it through your whole date without pulling out your phones, you’re on the right track.


If she’s telling you stories and trying to make herself sound impressive to you, she obviously thinks that you’re impressive. If she’s constantly telling you stories that demonstrate how cool or smart or adventurous she is, she might be trying to convince you that she’s cool enough to be with you. Good news, it sounds like she’s into you.


If you’re interesting to a woman, she will want to learn more about you. If she asks you a lot of questions and is curious to hear what you have to say, the odds are in your favor. Make sure that you steer the conversation both ways. You don’t want her to just be asking questions about you all night. Make sure that you ask questions about her, too.

She Texts First

Texting or reaching out via social media is a good sign. If she likes you, she’ll initiate contact. But if you’re always making the effort to send the first snap or text, it might be a sign that you like her more than she likes you. If she likes you, she’ll go out of her way to text first.

Meeting the Family

In Asian culture, an introduction to her siblings and parents is a very important thing. Don’t expect this to happen right after you start dating, but she might be making introductions down the line. If she does want you to meet her family, it shows that she’s really into you. You have arrived. But be sure you make a great first impression!

So, Does She Like Me?

These are just a few different ways that you can tell if an Asian girl likes you. It’s important to remember these things early on. It can save you from embarrassment or rejection later on! If you came here wondering, “does she like me?” we hope we helped answer your question. If you’re ready to check out our absolute top picks for Asian dating sites, you might be surprised to learn that eHarmony and are actually two of the best sites. See the full list of Asian Dating Site Reviews now. You can also check out our other Asian dating resources!


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