What is a Cougar? How to Try Cougar Dating Sites Now

Samantha Elise Oscar By Samantha Elise Oscar  – August 18, 2017
What is a Cougar? How to Try Cougar Dating Sites Now

Looking for the best in cougar dating? We’d always recommend Cougar Life, Ashley Madison, and Adult Friend Finder. When you think about dating a cougar, an experienced older woman, you might just be thinking about the perks on a physical level. Yes, she’s hot and she knows a lot more than you do about the bedroom. But a mature lady can also teach you about how to treat a woman well and help you get to know yourself better. So what is a cougar? And why do you need to date one? Here’s everything you need to know about dating cougars and why you should start dating an older woman now:

What is a Cougar?

What is a cougar? Cougars are older women who have less baggage and more experience. These are gorgeous, independent women who have their own money, friends, life, and expectations.  A woman like this will be confident and comfortable enough to tell you what she wants, what she likes, how she likes it, and, just as importantly, how she doesn’t like it. If you show up with humility and an open mind, you can learn a lot from her. She probably doesn’t have any complicated strings attached to her needs and there are no games (unless that you guys are into). A cougar knows what she wants and if you’re the one she wants it from, she won’t waste time with games.

Why You Should Date Cougars

The type of woman we’re talking about really has her act together. She has a lot of life experience and she’s comfortable with herself, her life, and her needs. She’s sophisticated and she probably likes the better things in life, and wants to enjoy them together. She looks amazing and there’s a lot she can teach you about women. Give her your full attention, let her know how great she looks, and don’t be shy about asking her to show you new things. You’ll spend some really great time together and when it’s time to part ways, you can each go back to your separate lives.

Where to Find Cougars

Don’t waste your time trying to find a classy cougar in the places you’ve been meeting women your own age. A mature woman will be out living her full and interesting life, not spending her evenings in a club. You can limit the competition and increase your chances of meeting a single older woman at the park, the gym, taking a night class, or learning a new skill. A cougar will be out in the world and staying active, and you might even develop some new skills as you follow her trail. What have you got to lose?

How to Keep Dating Cougars

There are tons of benefits to dating cougars. Like we said, an older and more experienced woman has a lot to offer to a young guy like you. You’ll get to enjoy her sophisticated lifestyle and accompany her to events and restaurants when you spend time together. The more time you spend with the cougar community, the more you’ll get to know what these older women are looking for.  You can keep dating cougars and keep learning and growing as a result. A cougar requires less work, offers more benefits, and can help you be a more interesting, experienced, and confident person.

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