How to Hookup and What Hookup Means to a Guy

Samantha Elise Oscar By Samantha Elise Oscar  – June 16, 2017
How to Hookup and What Hookup Means to a Guy

It doesn’t matter what the context is: if you’re talking to a guy about hookup, he wants to have sex. When a guy hears that a girl wants to hook up with him, that’s where his mind goes right away. That being said, there are some guys who see “hooking up” as a term that can actually mean a number of different things. So the question of how to hookup arises. And what is going on in a guy’s brain when the topic is hooking up? Keep reading to find out. (If you’re still looking for the best hook up sites, try Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison now.)

Hooking Up and Getting Down to Business

For a guy, hooking up means sexual intimacy. But different guys see that intimacy on different levels. Some guys see hooking up as making out on their parent’s couch, some see it as oral sex while driving, and then there are some who see it as sex and nothing less. For guys, hooking up covers a range of intimate acts that describe different things depending on the situation. The expression doesn’t imply you’re dating the person or that you have a monogamous relationship with them. This hookup could be a one-time fling or part of an ongoing FWB relationship. Still wondering how to hookup? Don’t worry, it’s coming.

Can Hooking Up Result in a Relationship?

While it is possible that hooking up could lead to a relationship, it’s definitely not a guarantee. For example, a guy and girl who work together may be attracted to one another, but putting their work relationship first.  But one night they give into temptations and decide to hookup after hours, knowing it will only going to be a one-time thing. For others, hooking up could be an opportunity for two people to be more than friends, but b e careful not to expect it to lead to something serious. Basically, this term is perfect for friends with benefits who like to discuss their intimacy without getting too specific. And who knows, hooking up can also be a precursor that helps develop a bond between two people who might become a couple down the road.

Why Guys Love the Term “Hooking Up”

For guys, there really is no downside to hooking up. If she mentions hooking up to him, he’ll be on high alert because he sees nothing but benefits. Guys enjoy hooking up because it opens the door to a new sexual experience, usually one with no strings attached. Hooking up is a good alternative for a guy who’s not ready for a monogamous relationship, who doesn’t want to get serious yet, and who wants to explore all his options. Looking at it from the perspective of the guy, hooking up allows for a lot of sexual freedom.

Why All the Confusion with Hooking Up?

The confusion with “hooking up” usually happens because the term allows for a lot of ambiguity. The saying has become quite ambiguous for a reason: it allows guys to push the envelope sexually without overstepping bounds. What do we mean? Well, if she’s receptive to hooking up, he sees a green light. If she’s apprehensive, he can still back up and try something lighter. In other words, he can dial down the experience until it is something she’s comfortable with, even though in his eyes, he’s still getting a hook up. The term covers a broad range of experiences and enables guys and girls to discuss sexual experiences without ever really stating boundaries or expectations clearly or directly.

How to Hookup

Guys and girls are talking about hooking up in open today because it has become part of our culture. Social media has made it possible and not uncommon for people to air their dirty laundry in public. But because of its inherent ambiguity, the term “hooking up” can afford people some privacy because you can talk openly about hooking up without revealing how far their experience went. Ready to get busy? Click to see some of our favorite Hook Up Sites now.

You came here because you were wondering how to hookup and what hookup means to a guy. We hope this article was helpful. If you’re talking to a guy about hooking up, the bottom line for him is going to revolve around sex in one form or another. Before you start talking to a guy about a possible hook up, make sure that’s the direction you want it to go. Like your mother probably told you, he only has one thing on the brain. Want more perspective on hookup from the mind of a man? Check out what Brock Robinson has to say about dating at The City Bachelor.


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