The Top 12 Gay Blogs You Need to Follow Now

Samantha Elise Oscar By Samantha Elise Oscar  – March 10, 2018
The Top 12 Gay Blogs You Need to Follow Now

You can get a lot of advice from gay bloggers and gay dating sites. We definitely suggest you swing by some gay dating blogs and learn something before you actually go on gay dating sites… or gay dates. Getting onto the best gay dating sites after you’ve caught up with our favorite gay bloggers is the best possible way for you to succeed in gay dating. Our favorite gay blogs will give you instant access to a ton of useful information so you can learn everything you need to know about the dating scene and how to make it work for you.

1. Guyliner

Guyliner can help you get dates fast and you’re sure to learn things about dating you didn’t know before. This will help you make the best choices for yourself and surround yourself with the best possible people. Visit to find out how.

2. Rick Clemons

Rick Clemons is a life and dating coach who is passionate about helping people come into their fullness and live as their most authentic selves. He’s used his own late-in-life coming out story to inspire others. You can read his thoughtful and helpful writing at

3. Gay Love Coach

Gay Love Coach has tons of useful information and will help you get what you want out of your gay dating experience. You’ll probably also learn a thing or two about gay dating that you didn’t know before. This blog is particularly helpful when you want to make changes to the way you’re managing your dating life. Find it all at

4. Paul Angelo

Paul Angelo is pretty straightforward and he’ll give you a lot of information, helping you to not only get more dates, but also be more successful when you go on dates. He shares a lot of his personal experience and can help you feel understood. Read this blog to gain confidence in your dating life or, if you’re new to gay dating, use this blog to find out how to make some changes that will help you have the best time gay dating. Go to to learn more.

5. Pass the Salt

In his blog Pass the Salt, Robbie details his gay dating travails and successes with humor and authenticity. If you’re struggling out there and need to know you’re not alone, his writing will help you feel connected and supported. To read about his bad dates, or even his good ones, check out

6. Gay Dating Expert

Visit this blog for some basic information if you’re planning on going on some gay dates. Gay Dating Expert will give you some really solid basic advice for how to get what you want out of dating. Check out for the good stuff!

7. Michael Martin

Michael Martin has plenty of tips for the working professional and you can use his blog to find out how to make gay dating work best for you as a working man. We think you’ll like his straightforward suggestions and learn a lot from reading his blog. You can find his work at

8. David Toussaint

David Toussaint has a really great perspective on gay dating as a man of color. He also has all the best advice as far as gay weddings go. Check out his blog if you want to learn about the experience of a gay man of color, either because you’re one too or because you want to broaden your perspective, understanding, and consciousness. Or if you need help planning your dream wedding! Find his work at

9. Jaye Sassieni

Jaye Sassieni’s writing is just amazing. His work is full of humor and can cheer you up when you need a laugh. His advice is simple and straightforward and you can get some great suggestions from him. He published an amazing book called Gay Dating: Your Guide to Finding Love, available on

10. J. Cameron Gantt

Gannt blog is the place you go to when you just need basic gay dating advice and want to see how you can change the way that you date to be more like this guy: a pro dater and gay dating coach. You can learn a lot here and you can do it quickly. Go to to learn more.

11. Lewis Campbell

Lewis Campbell will be there to help in times of need. Check out his blog and learn how to make meaningful changes to your dating life now. You can read his stuff at

12. Gaydar Blog:

Gaydar is actually a gay dating site, but their blog is full of hidden gems, like these: “Consent: Why is it Still Such an Issue in Gay Clubs?”, “Toxic Relationships: It’s Time to Break the Cycle,” and “My Best Relationship Wasn’t with a Man.” Visit to see what you’ve been missing.

So there you have it: our top ten favorite gay blogs. Check out these amazing writers now for all sorts of helpful gay dating advice. Got all the advice you need and ready to start meeting new guys? You can find the best gay dating sites now by clicking here.


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